Great Grove
Traditional Free Range Poultry
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The Farm History

We are a small family farm who specialise in producing quality turkeys and geese just for the Christmas market. The farm is approx 35 acres in size and covered in woodland and grassland
which is used to rear our poultry in a stress free environment


To produce the tastiest and most succulent poultry that you can buy. This is achieved through the various traditional methods that we have continued to use over several years of producing quality poultry. Although this is a much more costly way of rearing and processing compared to today’s
factory methods, the end result is far superior.

Why are our birds so different?

  1. Reared with free-access to grass and woodland with shelter if needed.
  2. Fed on a cereal based diet of wheat and oats.
  3. We only use slow growing breeds, which are grown to full maturity (24-27 weeks) giving them a layer of fat to aid the cooking making the meat nice and juicy.
  4. Dry plucked by hand by a team of people who care.
  5. Hung for a minimum of 10 days, to maximise those natural, gamey flavours.
  6. Sinews pulled.
  7. Vacuum packed giblets.
  8. Individually wrapped in greaseproof paper and presented with herbs and recipe booklet in a special carry home box.


Once eviscerated the birds are wrapped in greaseproof, placed in a special carry home box with some herbs and a recipe leaflet, which gives advice on how to cook it and cooking times...
so you can’t go wrong!

Where and how to buy

We have various butchers and farm shops that we supply locally and further afield. We also sell at the farm gate and through our website. Some of our customers who we supply also offer mail order of our birds throughout the country.


We are members of the Goose producers Association and the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association so adhere to the very high standards that they set out.

“Had some super comments looking forward
to next Christmas”

Keith Carlish, Paddock Butchery, Mulbarton

Great Grove Turkeys in the snow

Great Grove Geese

Great Grove Geese

Great Grove White Turkeys on straw bales
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