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Traditional Free Range Poultry
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great grove whole turkey

Free Range Turkey Rolls

Great Grove Free Range Turkeys are slow growing and are reared to full maturity which is
24-27 weeks old this gives them a layer of fat
to aid with the cooking to make the meat nice and juicy.

The breast meat is butchered by hand
then rolled and netted to give a very easy carving joint.

They are available from 1.5kg(3.3lbs) to 4.5kg (10lbs) and can be collected at the farm or delivered to your home within Norfolk.
Please choose your selection below.

How much do I need per person?

Whole Turkey
approx 1lb (500g) per serving.

Turkey Crown
3/4 lb (350g) per serving.

Breast Roll
1/2lb (250g) per serving.

1.5lb (750g) per per serving.

Don't forget to allow for leftovers!

Great Grove FArm Gate Collection

Our shop is open for collection on
the following dates:

farm gate23rd Dec (8am-6pm)
24th Dec (8am-1pm)

or by prior arrangement.

Using our recommendations above you can
pre-order your bird by selecting your desired weight below.

Turkey Roll

Great Grove Turkey Crown
Great Grove Turkey Crown
Great Grove Goose