2019 Award Winning Bronze & White

Traditional Farm Fresh Turkeys

Arriving in May and June direct from the hatchery they are cared for by dedicated stockmen who take pride in their work. Once old enough they are left to wander in ancient woodland and basically as with the geese do as they please, not harassed and just living naturally. They have access to straw-bedded barns at night, but quite often choose to sleep outside depending on the weather.


Free Range Turkey

Great Grove Free Range Turkeys are slow growing and are reared to full maturity which is 24-27 weeks old this gives them a layer of fat to aid with the cooking to make the meat nice and juicy.
They are available from 4.5Kgs (10lbs) to 10.5Kgs (23lbs) and can be collected at the farm.

Naturally Tasty

Great Grove Traditional Free Range Poultry is a family run farm in Norfolk with an extensive network of quality butchers, farm shops & food halls.

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