Since 1984

Free Range Geese

Brought to the farm in June they are reared inside for the first 2-3 weeks before gradually allowed access to grass. Once they have enough plumage to keep them warm and dry, they are then given access to open grassland where they are literally left outside with hedges for shade and shelter from the weather. The perimeter is protected by an electric fence to stop any vermin.

100% Free Range

Our Poultry

All our birds are free to roam the vast acres of our farm and woodland

Free Range Geese

Great Grove geese are reared and prepared in the old traditional way giving a very succulent texture to the meat and skin. Supplied with the goose fat which is ideal for making your roast potatoes and for your toast the next morning.
They are available from 4.5Kgs (10lbs) to 6.5Kgs (14.3lbs) and can be collected at the farm.

Naturally Tasty

Great Grove Traditional Free Range Poultry is a family run farm in Norfolk with an extensive network of quality butchers, farm shops & food halls.

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